Dairy Milk Silos - Design & Fabrication Australia to Dairy Standards.

Manufacturing Services constructed two custom designed 30,000 litre milk silos, which were different from the usual farm milk silos, in that they had to be installed in a confined area. This area was in a processing plant with little elbow room but plenty of height. The silos were made to fit in this area with dimensions of 2150 mm diameter and an overall height of 9500 mm, which made them tall column like structures. To accommodate the proportions of these or other silos there is a custom built platform under a removable section of roof which allows tradesmen to easily and safely work at various levels of the silo making process.

The platform also aids the cladding process, while the removable roof facilitates the lifting out of the completed vessel.

Manufacturing Services fabricate refrigerated farm milk silos from 9.200 litre to 30,000 litre capacities and has the design initiative and manufacturing experience to cater for any client.

silo-roof  silo-crane

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