Food Processing Equipment - Custom Design and Manufacture


S.E.D. Manufacturing Services are experienced in the design, fabricatoin & construction of large scale food processing lines, graders and other food processing machinery and equipment in Australia. We can cater for both mechanical processes and electronic-driven processes. We can also design innovative ways to improve the efficiency and accuracy of these processing units, increasing the through-put of product while decreasing costs. We can design and build the entire processing unit, from the bulk handling units right through to packing and bagging devices.

Shellquip Grader

We manufacture all components of the Shellquip shellfish graders and associated ancillary equipment. For more information on the graders go to shellquip-grader-1  shellquip-grader-2

Onion Processor

onionwalkwaysSED Manufacturing Services fabricated this 12 tonne/hour onion processing line, which processes from the bulk handling stage through to the final packing and bagging. The system incorporates the processes of tailing, sizing, grading and inspection.

onion-line  onion-tails  onion  

Potato Grader


Manufacturing Services fabricated this potato washing, inspection and grading line for a processor wanting both to increase throughput and the quality of high-grade potatoes for the domestic market.


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